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Westside School of Tae Kwon Do, World Taekwondo Federation style.

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art, and is the most widely practiced martial arts discipline in the world.

Tae Kwon Do (often spelled Taekwondo, or Taekwon Do) is considered a hard-style martial art, involving blocking, kicking and hand techniques. The most impressive part of the art is the variety, speed and power of kicking techniques, often demonstrated in the breaking of boards. Not only do students learn self-defence, they gain greater flexibility, balance, coordination and aerobic fitness.

A student's self-confidence and self-esteem also increase as they progress through the ranks. Far from teaching aggressive behaviour, Taekwondo teaches the self-discipline to walk away from unnecessary confrontation. Students are taught only to use self-defense when there is no way out and they are in imminent danger. Although not mandatory, we encourage students to practice their skills at sanctioned tournaments.

World Taekwondo Federation style martial arts. Whether you’re completely new to Tae Kwon Do or switching schools, it is important to know that our Black Belt certificates come directly from the World Taekwondo Headquarters (the Kukkiwon) in Seoul, Korea and that our certification is recognized world-wide.

The Westside School of Taekwon Do is a proud member of the B.C. Tae Kwon Do Association and the World Taekwondo Federation. Master Instructor Michael Smith is President of the B.C. Tae Kwon Do Association.”

Watch the video below to see how Tae Kwon Do training can truly benefit all ages.

Students from Westside Tae Kwon Do participated at the International Children's Summer Games in New Taipei City, Taiwan

Four of our students qualified to compete at the International Children's Summer Games in July of 2016 in New Taipei City, Taiwan, and we couldn't be more proud ! Team Kelowna had the chance to compete in what is considered to be the highest level of competitive sport for children in the world today, between the ages of 12 and 15 (Jr. Olympics) and it was a rare opportunity for them to travel abroad and experience international competition at a young age. Of the 7 students who competed as part of Team Kelowna, 4 came away with medals: 3 received bronze and 1 received gold ! The photo shows 5 of the 7 competitors from our area. Congratulations to all who competed!